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ECS & Anti-icing Ducts 

Established in 1951, TUBIFLEX has an international standing due to its Technology and Quality Level.
Tubiflex owns an excellent know-how and is able to develop products concept and design as well as related production equipments.

TUBIFLEX SpA has a strong study force made up of permanent engineers. All the tools necessary for its production are carried out in-house, with softwares allowing ultra-fast calculations and modeling. Its expertise is based on its vast experience gathered over more than 60 years in the studies, developments and manufacture of the most noble part

TUBIFLEX SpA is structured to produce the first demonstrators or prototypes at very competitive prices and deadlines because it has all the internal means to manufacture pipes and bellows in a range of diameters ranging from ¼”(6,4 mm) mm to 23” (600mm) for hoses, and from 2” (50mm)  to 98” (2500mm) according to international standards for materials such as titanium, inconel®, aluminum and special nickel bases.

Engineering & Development:

Support to Customer from concept to development

Provide Value to our Customers thanks to wide database of solutions

Deliver Capability to develop high performance products based on:

  • Best fit hose type
  • Re-engineering project

Approach feasibility and life-cycle reliability using:

  • Standard stress analysis packages
  • Proprietary calculation software

Develop tooling and special machines internally

Offering high flexibility in Prototyping

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TUBIFLEX complies with numerous certifications:

Download 9001 certification (PDF)

Download 9100 certification (PDF)


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